The St. Thomas Graphics Collection


The collection is divided into several sections: The funeral booklets are found with CGL's Funeral Booklet Collection.

The covers of the Printed Materials, Government Publications, and Commercial Publications are digitized and available online. Find the inventories of these materails from the linked sources below.

The Flat Files remain unaccessible to patrons at this time (2021), however, an inventory is available. A volunteer librarian may be able to find an item of interest upon request by email.

  • Printed Materials

    Digitized covers of the printed materials with a focus on community organization bulletins, brochures, event booklets and more.

    Inventory Here

  • Government Printings

    Digitized covers of government publications: VI Legislature, political parties, recognition events, annual reports, and more.

    Inventory Here

  • Commercial Publications

    Digitized covers of commercial publications including advertising brochures, tourism materials, Carnival booklets, and more

    Inventory Here

  • Flat Files

    Oversized publications, including maps, posters, and layouts for the printing process.

    Inventory Here

Made possible in part by a CFVI and NEH