U.S. National Archives Transfer-Era Document Digitization Project

These pages contain digitized images of documents held at the U.S. National Archives Annex I and II in the Washington DC area.

More information about the archives, the 1917 Transfer, and the Transfer-Era document digitization project may be found here.

This YouTube video gives a brief overview of the digitized NARA records found on this website.

If you are interested in visiting NARA and conducting your own Virgin Islands research, view this YouTube video.

The Record Group 55 MLR may be found HERE. Sincere gratitide to Valerie Sims for digitizing the MLR.

  • Passports Issued 1895-1921

    3 Volumes of Passports Issued on St. Thomas, 1895-1921

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  • Citizenship & Taxes

    Tax lists & Citizenship documents for Danes and Germans

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  • Virgin Islands Cemetery Commission

    Letters, Journals, and Proceedings of the Cemetery Commission

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  • Virgin Islands Newspapers

    Various newspapers from the Virgin Islands

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  • Correspondence of the American Consul

    Correspondence and reports of the American Consul to the Danish West Indies prior to the 1917 transfer.

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  • Record Group M1052, Roll #93

    General and Special Indexes to the General Correspondence of the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, July 1897 - Aug. 1926

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  • Passport Correspondence 1917-1923

    Applications and Correspondence for travel Identity Cards from 1917-1923

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  • Record Group 45, Entry 517, Box 205 of 292

    Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library, Area File 1911-1927, Caribbean Area, 1917, January 1 - March 31

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  • Microfilm M1067, Roll #176

    Name and Subject Index to the General Correspondence of the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, 1930-1942

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  • Dog Owner records

    Registers of Dog Owners, 1917-1926

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  • Repatriation and Nationality

    Requests for repatriation and proof of nationality (mostly in Danish)

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  • Department of Education

    Documents from the US Virgin Islands Department of Education 1917-

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  • Miscellaneous Records

    Miscellaneious Records from the US National Archives

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