Danish West Indies Passenger Records

If your ancestor traveled by passenger ship to or from St. Thomas in the 1800ís, or to or from Christiansted between the years 1794 to 1847, it is likely a record was created documenting that travel. In 2011, the Rigsarkivet (the Danish National Archives) made a remarkable gift to the Virgin Islanders by digitizing these records and sharing them on 34 DVDs.

Susan Lugo prepared a detailed Finding Aid for the 2011 DVDs.

DWI Passenger Records Finding Aid online

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Subsequently, in 2017, the Rigsarkivet made the digitized documents available online to commemorate the centenial of the Transfer of the islands to the United States.

Visit CGL to view images on DVDs, or view the images online here:

Christiansted Police Station. Registers of Persons Arriving and Leaving Passengers. 1794-1847. DVDs 01-03

St. Thomas Police Station. Registers of Persons Arriving 1805-1899. DVDs 04-17

St. Thomas Records Relating to the Registers of Passports. 1810-1885. DVDs 18-33

St. Thomas Registers of Passports for Departing Individuals. 1810-1895. DVDs 18-33

St. Thomas Registers of Visaing of Foreign Individuals. 1856-1873. DVD 34